Never underestimate the benefits of great recovery for training and performance. We utilize the best technology to aid in faster more efficient recovery so you can focus on your gains, decreasing the fatiguing effects of overtraining.

Recovery equipment is available office use as well as checkout. We have an ala carte menu as well as affordable monthly memberships. Call us or stop by for details.

Recover Faster. Recover Fully. Help Prevent Injuries.

Intended for muscle conditioning, MarcPro is a great way to recover after a hard work out and increase your recovery time for your next work out. MarcPro uses muscle stimulation to circulate blood and fluids throughout your vascular system to get the most oxygen to your bloods as needed.

Whether you’re a long distance athlete or a power lifter, Compex muscle stimulation will help you in your preparation and recovery in training. With several programs installed, Compex will give you an advantage over your competitors. Some of the programs include Pre warmup, Active Recovery, Explosive strenght, Endurance program and a Massage program.