TPI Golf Performance

Our Titleist Performance Institute Golf Performance Assessment is performed by the only Certified TPI Expert in the Greater Oregon City area that is also a licensed and board-certified chiropractic sports physician.

Dr. Ben Hokenson’s extensive experience in sports medicine, combined with his experience as a certified Titleist Performance Institute Expert, allows him to provide a comprehensive, golf-specific physical assessment and a customized strength and flexibility program to address your specific needs as a golfer.

The Golf Performance Assessment

The Golf Performance Assessment is designed to efficiently screen and identify specific limitations in your body that may affect your golf swing. The assessment involves a thorough 60 minute one-on-one evaluation of 16 key movement patterns that may be affecting your golf swing. The physical characteristics including instability, lack of mobility, and/or motor control and weaknesses will come to the surface and linked limitations in your specific swing.

Following this assessment, you’ll be given specific corrective exercises to address any mobility and stability dysfunctions identified in the exam. You’ll receive an email with the essential findings from your assessment and videos of the exercises you need to address any parts of the assessment that you failed.

Will Insurance Cover this Assessment?

If you’re having pain while playing golf or have a specific injury, your private health insurance may cover all or part of the assessment. You’ll need to schedule a sport chiropractic medical evaluation to determine medical necessity of this performance evaluation. We offer a cash pay rates for those who are uninjured and interested in the Golf Performance Assessment. Please click below to contact our clinic for details and appointment scheduling.