“We know, how you move and function will determine how you feel and perform.”

First Objective: determine the nature and reason of concern

Everyone gets a thorough assessments:

General exam with vitals and neurological screen.

Orthopedic exam: Determines the nature and location of your pain or injury

Functional movement assessment: determines and differentiates the cause as well as the long term fixes of many musculoskeletal conditions.

Second objective: Determine and outline the treatment plan

We are authentic and transparent with our recommendations offering short treatment plans focused on being effective and efficient.

Third Objective: Decrease pain and improve function with a variety of modern treatment options

Manual therapy: Hands on and instrument assisted techniques for treatment of joints and soft tissues

Active Release Technique™

Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation:

  • Graston, Gua shaw, cupping

Joint Mobilizations including extremities
Class 4 laser therapy

Fourth Objective: Re-train, rehab, teach movement patterns for better strength, mobility, longevity.

Strength and mobility rehab: “Everyone should know how to better care for themselves”

Our functional assessments will tell us where you need to work on mobility, and where you need strength, and where you need better control and stabilization.